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Thursday 9 August 2012

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3.2 Youth in Action

Eurasia Wings’ partners (China, France, Vietnam and Italy) are carrying on Eurasia Wings Councours, involving young people, associations and entrepreneurs.

The winner of the Italian councours Eurasia Wings is the group “Munà”, composed by Viola Avvento, Cid Fuentes-Guerra e Francesco Angelo Di Liberto, with the creation “Ti ritroverò”.

The video “Ti ritroverò – I will find you again” emphasizes the concept of recycle, by representing the library as a person. The video wants to focus attention on the experience of reusing.

Every object, more or less useful, is important if it is reused or recycled. The video is realized with the 2D animation, rotoscope and stop motion.

Link Video

The group was awarded during the final event of the Festival Energie Alternative the 15th of June 2012.

The second group awarded is “Cael”, composed by Eleonora Lambo and Caterina Virzì, with the creation “ERAT”, Animation created in stop motion by using audiocassettes and tapes with the aim to divulgate, through visual and audio impulses, the theme of the 3Rs (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse).

The third group awarded is “Nizca”, composed by Giovanni Longo and Claudia Capogreco, with the creation “Trentaduedenti”, which represents the complete human set of teeth realized with the use of recycled wood.

Moreover these groups of young artists, “Medielettra” was awarded, as the most “Eco Friendly” enterprise identified by our group of young researchers.