Crossing the Line – Palermo”, testing phase and photo-blog

Monday 18 April 2011

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The project “Crossing the Line” is going towards its final stage. The closing encounter of the project is going to take place in Palermo from 7th to 11th June 2011. During those days representatives from all partner organizations will meet as well as youth from the different countries. The final activity, on 10th evening, will be a public screening of the completed DVD “Crossing the Line”, which contains the documentaries made in each country.

The English coordinating partner of the project has created a photo-blog in order to enhance the contact between young people of the different countries before this final meeting.

At CESIE’s office there has already been a first meeting with the Palermitan youth group, who already visited the blog and started to work together with the staff in the activities planning that will take place in June.

From January 2011, the project is in the testing phase at the local level in the different countries, with the participation of educators, organizations and other professionals working in the social sector. The testing phase will consist of questionnaires aimed to elicit feedback on the usefulness and quality of training materials. The information thus collected will support the analysis of the work done during the project. If you are interested in testing the product either at a local level in Palermo, or in Sicily or Italy, please contact us:

“Crossing the Line” is a project under the Leonardo action “Transfer of Innovation”, included in the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Commission. The project’s objective is the creation and adaptation of a set of products (composed of handbooks and DVD) highlighting the issues affecting young people in different European countries participating in the project, providing a broader perspective. The Dutch, Romanian and Bulgarian partner organizations of CE.SIE are developing contemporary the same kind of documentaries in their cities which, together with the handbooks, will provide training tools for innovative skills of VET trainers and, in general, of those who work with young people.

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