Hello, my name is Ifigeneia and I’m from Crete, Greece. I’m 28 years old. I am a volunteer working in Ubuntu, a kindergarten attended by children who are second generation immigrants.

It was winter when I came here, and since then I collected many beautiful memories and experiences.

One of the most important parts of this experience is the kind of connection I have with all the people I met. They come from different countries and sometimes we can’t communicate well because of the language barriers, but the way they tell stories about themselves and their countries is very enriching to me. Their eyes are always shining when they tell me those stories.

A lot of people find in this city and EVS an opportunity to do many beautiful things and meet many nice people and I agree with them. I love the possibility I have to help migrants and their children, to give them my energy and support them. It is also making me stronger.

I will never forget the amazing moments I have had with the children I’ve worked with. I feel proud of them and myself at the same time. I also feel part of their group. They taught me how to dance and how dancing and laughing can help you transform your bad feelings. My mind will always remember those big smiles and my arms will always keep the feeling of all the hugs we exchanged.

Another important part of this experience is living in Palermo with its historical place, beautiful squares and monuments: art is everywhere. Almost every day people of all ages enjoy moments in the open air, they relax with their friends, they even dance sometimes….

From now on I will cherish this important experience that made me grow up even more. I am happy that after my project I will go to Greece and bring these experiences with me. I don’t feel sad because my project is almost over. I feel strong.

Thank you CESIE for all this, I am very proud that you have chosen me and gave me the opportunity of working with children.

Esperienza SVE My Community Ifigeneia

Esperienza SVE My Community Ifigeneia

Ifigeneia Grigheraki, My CommUNITY EVS Volunteer

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