Inauguration of co-designed and co-constructed Pedestrian Area


25 May 2022


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Wednesday the 25th of May at 6:00 pm in Via Principe di Paternò, in front of Istituto Magistrale Finocchiaro Aprile, a new square will be inaugurated. It was co-designed and co-built by the students of the school and it will be dedicated to the former principal of the school, Fabrizio Mangione,who prematurely passed away in 2019.

Between May 2021 and May 2022 we transformed, step by step, a piece of the city of Palermo together with the students of Liceo Finocchiaro Aprile. The stretch of Via Principe di Paternò in front of the school has become a square for students and residents of the neighborhood. CESIE, together with other local groups such as Tu Sei la Città and Push, carried out a participatory planning process that involved part of the student body, first in co-design labs and then in a self-construction workshop that led to the creation of the planned Tactical Urbanism interventions. The local project, implemented as part of the broader European Crethink project, was entitled Largo Alla Scuola by the students. We have chosen to involve many stakeholders in this project. We launched a crowdfunding campaign and signed a Memorandum of Understanding, in order to ensure that this space continues to be taken care of.

In all phases of the project we have been driven by the conviction that subtracting a space from traffic to transform it into a social place built directly by those who inhabit it every day is potentially transformative of the ways we are used to live the urban space, because it looks at the city as commons, as a collective work that belongs to its inhabitants.

We are therefore very proud of the work we have done together and we can’t wait to be able to inaugurate it!


  • Alice Valenza – Project Manager, CESIE
  • Prof. Giusto Catania – Councilor for urban planning, environment and mobility of the Municipality of Palermo
  • Prof. Fabio Angelini – Dean, Istituto Magistrale Camillo Finocchiaro Aprile
  • Eng. Andrea D’amore – President, Tu Sei La Città Association
  • Eng. Emilia Pardi – Project Manager, PUSH
  • Giorgia Natoli – Student, Istituto Magistrale Finocchiaro Aprile
  • Roberta Asciutto – Student, Istituto Magistrale Finocchiaro Aprile
  • Anna Laura Provenza – Student Representative, Istituto Magistrale Finocchiaro Aprile
  • Students of the school

The event is free and refreshments will be offered. We hope to see many of you!

Click here for the location of Istituto Magistrale Statale Finocchiaro Aprile

About the project

CRETHINK – Co-creative RETHINKing for sustainable cities is co-funded by Erasmus+: Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership in the field of Adult education.


The partnerhip of the project is composed by:

For further information

If you want to know more about the local initiative and how you can contribute to a more sustainable future in the city, you can visit the project’s website, join the Facebook page or contact Alice Valenza!


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