The ROM community – Historical and anthropological hints


26 June 2023


16:45 - 20:00
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Despite progress in improving the living conditions of the Roma community in Europe, they remain one of the most marginalised and excluded groups, with widening gaps since the COVID-19 pandemic. Roma people face significant obstacles in accessing quality education, healthcare and employment opportunities, resulting in poverty and social exclusion.

On Monday 26 June, from 16:45 to 20:00, we will meet at the Mare Memoria Viva Ecomuseum with the GEA project, and talk about Roma culture and the situation of the Roma community on our territory.

Speakers will be:

  • Daniele Viktor Leggio – Independent researcher, specialised in Roma diasporas, virtual communities, language planning and multilingualism.
  • Daniele Saguto – Sociologist and educator, president of In Media Res, a reality that works against educational poverty in Palermo.
  • Denis Mehmeti – Representative of the Roma community in Palermo.
  • Marina Galici – Photographer – Author of the photographic exhibition “Fiori di Campo: perché era maggio e quei bambini erano come fiori”, a narrative of life in the Roma camp in Palermo that will be definitively evicted from the Favorita in 2019.

The event also promote the contribution of the GEA project to the development of teaching and learning tools for green entrepreneurship among young vulnerable people.

At the end of the speeches there will be light refreshments to conclude the conference.

The event is open and free of charge and you can register your attendance by filling in the form.

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About the project

GEA – Green Entrepreneurs in Action, funded by the European Union through the Erasmus+ cooperation partnership program, aims to impart entrepreneurial skills, to Roma youth and youth from disadvantaged communities, in order to contribute to local community development, in a sustainable way.


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