Let’s fight bullying together with Storytelling, Folk Tales Work and Symbolwork


28 May 2022


11:00 - 13:30
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Over the past two years, the partners of the KITE Fighters project have developed innovative tools with profound therapeutic and educational value to combat bullying in schools. To promote these tools and share the results of the project, CESIE has organized a conference that will be held on the

28th of May, 2022

from 11.00 to 13.30

at PYC – Palermo Youth Centre in Villa Trabia

Via Marchese Ugo, 4, Palermo

It is vital to keep talking about bullying and cyberbullying which continue to be real threats. In February 2022, the Osservatorio indifesa published the results of a survey that involved more than 1,700 boys and girls aged 14 to 26 throughout Italy. The survey revealed that 1 in 2 adolescents has been bullied and that, together with cyberbullying, the two phenomena are among the main risks perceived by adolescents. The comments collected during the research also denounce the deep pain felt by boys and girls for discrimination due to sexual orientation, racist offenses, bodyshaming, acts of denigration, violence and incitement to suicide.

At the conference, we will talk about this and through sessions through Storytelling and Folk Tales sessions we will learn that a well-told story with an intrinsic meaning can be a powerful weapon, that creates bridges and brings together.

Moreover, through the Symbolwork we will discover that an alternative language can help to express one’s thoughts and feelings, especially in uncomfortable situations.

Agenda of the event:

11.00: Welcome & Presentation of the KITE project

11.30: Storytelling sessione

12.00: Coffee break

12.15: Folk Tales Work session with Kamishibai

12.45: Symbolwork presentation

13.00: Conclusions

Register here (https://forms.gle/b7sTqkRxei2hsjtu5)   For more information, contact giorgia.scuderi@cesie.org

About the project

KITE fighters – Kids and Teachers Fighting for Inclusion is cofinanced by Erasmus + Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership for school education.


For further information

Read more about KITE fighters, see the project website and follow us on Facebook.

Contact Giorgia Scuderi: giorgia.scuderi@cesie.org  

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