The desire to set up an entrepreneurship was spontaneously born!

Monday 13 June 2016

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The WAPPY Training Course was a real eye-opener for me, so I’m sure that I won’t be happy with how I explain my experience.

Being a technician, I was ready for long sessions in the classroom and for developing applications, but the learning by doing approach allowed me to discover (and rediscover) my  skills.

My learning method has always been in line with my technical education, involving an excessively logical approach to tackling problems. This can limit creativity, but I rediscovered some of my innate skills thanks to the input of the various workshops.

Communicating strictly in English was a huge task for me, forming sentences on the spot with only the few foreign words I knew best and using non-verbal communication to help. But so many times I discovered how nice it is for someone to anticipate my words or complete my partially-expressed concepts.

Both for mine and my group’s creations, I forced myself to use only non-digital tools. This was the glue that held the group together and it was a creative push for everyone thanks to their cooperation.

Everyone gained something through the diversity.

In such a short amount of time, my surroundings literally expanded my mind; the different realities, places, cultures, religions, types of food and culinary habits, communication styles, and discovering the similarities and differences of everything.

I feel smaller now, almost as if the place I’m living in has shrunk. I view the borders of my country as insignificant, I feel like a “citizen of the world”.

I was personally back in the game; I was working with my idea, encouraging it, making it catchy, getting volunteer collaborators and working together with my peers. I was using the consensus of my volunteer collaborators to be guided or to help decide the development phases; and finally, gaining recognition for our hard work. It was an experience that has launched me ahead.

The human experience was the added value of this training; the pleasure of sharing, the active participation of everyone, the joy of being involved first hand; it was an everlasting learning experience.

After this, the desire to set up an entrepreneurship was spontaneously born.

Mario Riccardo Provenzano

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