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Tuesday 21 December 2021

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The YOPEVA project has reached its halfway point. In the first year of activity, each partner of the consortium contributed to the realization of an analysis of their country relating to the youth work sphere, focusing on the good practices already existing in the area and analysing on the main players operating in this area.

The project foresaw to analyze some of the best practices implemented with the aim of introducing unemployed young people not involved in an education path, the so-called NEETs, within the labor market.

We are referring to Garanzia Giovani, an Italian national program that aims to improve the opportunities, for young people under 29, to find a job.

Thanks to the creation of a guide – Innovation book – that will allow the implementation of the YOPEVA program, the partners will organize meetings to understand which methodology to adopt.

The main actors operating in the labor market will be involved with the idea that they could make an incisive contribution to the project and its applicability at local level.

ANPAL, the employment center, is certainly one of the Italian stakeholders of greatest interest, a fundamental element for understanding the dynamics present in the selection phase, both by young workers and by companies.

Not only institutional and public bodies will be involved, as well as universities, but also private entities expert on the issues.

We are therefore preparing for round tables to understand how best to adapt the YOPEVA model of job placement for our young people – already a success in countries like Spain and Brazil – to make it a reality in Sicily as well.

Are you a stakeholder, youth worker, teacher or other professional involved in the professional integration of young NEETs?

Contact us to participate in our round tables for discussion. You will have the opportunity to be part of an operational group that will define a Sicilian model of professional youth support! For more information contact Eileen Quinn at this address: eileen.quinn@cesie.org

About the project

YOPEVA is a project co-funded by Erasmus+, KA3 Support for policy reform.


For further information

Read more about YOPEVA and visit the website https://yopeva.eu/.

Contact Eileen Quinn: eileen.quinn@cesie.org.

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