YOPEVA presented to the European Parliament: an opportunity for the future

Monday 2 January 2023

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Supporting young people who are not in training or employment: from this main objective came the need to create a practical youth employment model to facilitate access to the world of work.

How did the YOPEVA model for youth employment come about?

The YOPEVA model is a job placement model aimed at young people who are not working and are not engaged in an educational pathway, and enables them to acquire skills that are useful in the labour market. The model is innovative, since it allows the young person to learn and at the same time have a job contract, foreseeing the collaboration between the third sector, companies and public administration.

The legislations of the various European countries are not homogeneous, and for this reason the partners conducted special research with the support of their stakeholders, in order to have a clear overview of which elements can be implemented at local and regional level.

On 17 November, the closing event of the YOPEVA project took place at the European Parliament. The event that took place was very important, as it involved some members of parliament, stakeholders from different European countries and beneficiaries who took part in the project in its first edition in Brazil. Their testimony was very inspiring and showed the tangible results and impact themodel had in its first edition across the Atlantic.

What will become of the YOPEVA model?

The objective of the presentation of the YOPEVA model in Parliament was to disseminate its results in the hope that it will receive funding and be implemented at a European level.

Bringing the project to such a high-profile institutional venue, was certainly a great opportunity to introduce the project and the legislative differences in each partner country that allow it to be totally, or partially, implemented at local and regional level.

In this way the work of two years is conluded, with the wish that this model may find room for application in Sicily.

About the project

YOPEVA is a project co-funded by Erasmus+, KA3 Support for policy reform.


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