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Tuesday 22 June 2021

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The first introductory webinar of the MEGA project’s training of trainers took place on 15 June 2021. It is an informal and playful way to address real issues such as Europhobia, fake news and disinformation.

Several participants from all over Europe gathered online to take part in the training. The main aim is to provide youth workers with innovative methods and approaches to address the topic informally, to critically analyse Europhobic distortions about the European Union and to act as “European ambassadors”.

In short, the main objectives of the MEGA training are to:

  • Bring about the concept of critical thinking, empowerment;
  • Train participants in gamified online and face-to-face methods;
  • Enable participants to plan, assess and evidence rather informal ways of learning in their youth working contexts;
  • Set up learning games with defined learning outcomes for the youth using the gamified platform.

The introductory part of the training has already started and will include a self-learning phase in which participants will have the opportunity to consult the resources available on the MEGA platform, learn about the topics through the shared reports and test their knowledge through the quizzes created by the partnership.

The online resources are accessible after registration. The respective link and access data were sent to participants during the webinar.

Following the webinar, the participants will access the on-line MEGA platform, where several learning resources are available for consultation, to assure a common level of technical knowledge on the topic of myths and Europhobia as well as the used Methodology & Technology to unmask fake news. It also introduces the youth workers into using the gamified platform itself. The online resources are accessible upon registration. The respective link and access data have been sent in due course. The dates of training are 5th-8th-13th of July.

For more information about the event, please write to Martina Romano:

About the project

MEGA – Make Europe Great Again is cofinanced by Erasmus+ programme, KA2 Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Strategic Partnerships for youth. MEGA aims to foster critical thinking in young people so they can better unmask Europhobic myths and misconceptions about the European Union and to develop positive attitudes toward the European Union and its underlying values.


For further information

Read more about MEGA and visit the project website.

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