Beyond Erasmus+ project has started!

Beyond Erasmus+ project aims to evaluate and measure the impact of the 2014-2020 Erasmus+ cycle on youth workers and youth organizations involved in projects withing its framework.

Rebuilding our society through youth

Fostering youth’s civic engagement and empowering them with tailored training and networking opportunities: launching the REBUILD project.

ID-Pro: Protocols for Inclusion and Diversity

ID-Pro project wants to establish clear protocols and exchange of good practices in the fight against bullying, discrimination, and all forms of violence in the context of young people and youth mobility.

The democracy intervention set for youth keeps growing!

The second online training among Reach Youth partners took place from the 14th to the 18th of June. Are you a teacher, youth worker or social worker and are interested in our experience with the democracy interventions for youth we tested? Learn more about the project!

MEGA training course has finally started!

MEGA aims to address real problems such as europhobia, fake news and disinformation using informal and playful ways. Learn more about the project training!


Educating for digital citizenship and safer use of the web and IT

Educating for digital citizenship and safer use of the web and IT

On February 9th, we celebrate the Safer Internet Day “Together for a better Internet”. With our projects we want to promote the conscious use of the web and digital civic education, both for young people and for adults, underlining how the web and information technologies can be important in our life, but we must be very careful how use them without incurring in offensive acts and/or be victims of that.

AG4C – Socio-emotional competences  through Active Games

AG4C – Socio-emotional competences through Active Games

Despite some initial setbacks encountered due to Covid-19 restrictions, project partners have been working hard in the last few months to develop a set of games as sports-like activities divided by levels to support educators to deliver the activities to young offenders (both from secure or community settings) and develop their socio-emotional competences.