MOBVET: Mobility for Vocational Education and Training

8 November 2018 | Youth

Nowadays, technological development, professional specialization and huge competition for jobs between highly qualified graduates, frequently leads people to struggle finding employment.

Mobility indicators, especially in the field of vocational education and training are low in Europe.  In 2015, Eurostat calculated that, in average 3,1% IVET learners (at ISCED level 3) travel for learning. By 2020, the goal of European Council is that at least 6% of all 18-34 year-olds with a VET background be granted a learning experience abroad.

With our new project, MobVET- Mobility for Vocational Education and Training we aim to make students and teachers better equipped to work in international environments both at home and abroad. Our main focus will be on creating functional and sustainable strategic partnership in order to facilitate the internationalization of VET programs.

On the 25th-26th  of October 2018, the kick-off meeting took place in Palermo, Italy.
During the meeting, partners had the chance to get to know each other and agree on common and best practices which will help to better implement the project.
Partners had also the change for a study visit to a regional VET school, Instituto Istruzione Superiore, Vincenzo Ragusa e Otoma Kiyohara- Filippo Parlatore, in Palermo.
During our visit, and thanks to the staff’s guidance partners had the chance to see the differences and similarities between VET schools across Europe. While visiting many departments of the school, like the architectural department, the painting department or the technology department, we got familiar with how a local VET school functions, which are the main activities it emphasises to, witness students in action, and admire many of students’ past creations.

During 24 months, we will be involved in the following activities:

  • Designing learning and information platform for VET teachers/students.
  • Generating study module for VET teachers/students.
  • Piloting the study course in all participating countries (20 learners in each partner country)
  • Disseminating information about the platform in all participating countries VET institutions (including universities, preparing VET teachers) and informed Europe wide educational networks.
  • Holding 4 planning meetings (including the final seminar) to discuss and spread outcomes of the project among local VET institutions.

Among project’s results are the development of a digital platform where all study materials and course instructions are accumulated. Furthermore, a source of networking and communication will be created, like videos, blogs and other on-line materials for sharing mobility experiences. The study module, developed by the project partners and information resources which provide cultural awareness about the host countries are also main outcomes of the project.

About the project

MobVET- Mobility for Vocational Education and Training is funded by Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership – Vocational Education and Training with the main aim to make students and teachers better equipped to work in international environments both at home and abroad. 


The partnership is composed by seven partners all across Europe:

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