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Monday 12 December 2022

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In the current European context, it is difficult for many young people to live an independent life outside their parents’ home, and this is a transversal problem for numerous people from a generation that is in a limbo with no training, no work and no income. There is a question concerning the possibility of imagining a concrete future: how can we lay the foundations for an improvement in the working conditions of younger generations?

The answer to this question is certainly different for each of us, but it has contributed to our collaboration with 5 other organizations to start a new project called Matrix.

It is clear to many that the perception of the working condition in Europe is very often associated with feelings such as frustration or fear, as many young people are unable to enter a concrete working or training path due to lack of knowledge of the labor market or the absence of useful tools in this regard.

The cities involved in the project have significant levels of youth unemployment. The process of economic crisis has deeply marked these urban spaces, fueling the percentages of youth emigration. Several young people have only had demoralizing and negative experiences and have not been able to take advantage of opportunities for personal development, or have sufficient income levels to lead an independent life.

What we want to do with Matrix during the next 24 months is trying to offer a concrete perspective to the younger generations. We will do it in 6 cities: Athens (Greece), Palermo (Italy), Lisbon (Portugal), Azores (Portugal), Brasov (Romania), Nicosia (Cyprus).

First, we will conduct a qualitative and quantitative research to elaborate an in-depth analysis of the most demanded figures in the labour market, submitting a questionnaire to companies, small and medium enterprises and professional institutes. The results of the research will be used to create a knowledge matrix which will be developed by VET teachers. Finally, with the project partners we will progress a set of training courses to connect young men and women with the employment world.

Matrix also has thought about teachers at professional institutes. In fact, they will be able to learn innovative teaching methodologies, useful for transmitting entrepreneurial skills to young people. Through the Guide for Teachers, they will be able to learn about mentoring methodologies and innovative learning activities and in this way contribute to the qualitative improvement of the skills of VET educational staff. Furthermore, the project has foreseen a training course for teachers, to put into practice the notions learned through the Guide for teachers.

About the project

Matrix – Strategic mapping of Youth Unemployment is a project cofinanced under the Erasmus+ program – KA220-VET Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training. Matrix addresses the issue of youth unemployment and improves employment skills for young people in each partner country and in the European Union. The project carries out a mapping of labor market needs and an educational program for employability and entrepreneurial skills building for young men and women jobseekers.


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