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Thursday 28 September 2023

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Summer is over but the best time to try new sports and disciplines in nature is beginning!

Have you ever tried SUP – stand up paddle – or archery? Do you know what “dragon boat” is? Have you already challenged your friends to beach volleyball?

Whether you’ve already done it or it’s your first time, we are waiting for you!

If you want to discover and try out new sports, if you love nature and want to know how to protect it, Green League offers you to participate in 8 sports events in nature, linked to the 4 natural elements (Earth, Air, Fire, Water), during which you will not only try out new sports, but also have the opportunity to explore nature, reflect on the importance of its preservation, and meet many people.

The events are free and open to anyone who can get involved!

The first event: Dragon boat

Friday 6 October

Dragon boat – Between sea and oar

You have never heard of it, have you?

Dragon boat is a sporting discipline that is popular all over the world and involves races in large canoes with dragon-shaped heads and tails. That’s why it’s called like that!

These boats are guided by 20 athletes, using paddles similar to those of the Canadian canoe. Have we intrigued you?

The first event is just around the corner, hurry up and register!

Sport: Dragon boat

Day: Friday 6 October

Meeting point: Cala (Lato castello A Mare) Lega Navale Italiana jetty, see here for precise directions:  

Meeting time: 14.30

Activity duration: 2 hours

Comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes are required. We also recommend that you bring sun cream, a hat and sunglasses. To reserve your spot, please fill in the pre-registration form.

Facebook event:

The second event: SUP

Friday 13 October

SUP (Stand Up Paddle) – Surfing the world

It requires a good dose of courage and… balance!

SUP – an acronym for Stand Up Paddle – is a variation of surfing where you stand on a board, similar to surfing but with more volume, using a paddle to ‘move around’.

There will be an opportunity to attend a first SUP lesson, trying out the board! Professional instructors will be present to explain the basics of the sport. At the end of the event we will share our views about the sport and the environment around us.

Sport: SUP

Day: Friday 13th October

Meeting point: Mondello – Albaria Windsurf School – Precise directions:   

Meeting time: 14.00

Activity duration: approx. 2 hours

Swim suit, towel required. We recommend sun screen, hat and sunglasses. The activity will be in the sea, so being able to swim and being familiar with the water is required.

Places are limited so hurry and make your reservation by filling out the following pre-registration form.

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The third event: Slack line – Balance your body

Friday 27 October

Slack line – Balance your body

Slack Line is a balance sport and differs from the art of tightrope walking in a few respects: you walk on a flat webbing and not on a cable or rope, and it does not involve the use of a barbell. In addition, it is a recently popular discipline, as it originated in the United States in the early 1980s.

A unique aspect of Slack Line is that the type of webbing, its length and tension can vary, thus increasing or decreasing the difficulty of the exercise. It is usually tied to two trees in parks, then tensioned and prepared for athletes who will take turns trying to balance on it. This is exactly what we are going to do!

During the event, in fact you will learn the basic techniques of slack line and experience your first suspended steps. An experienced instructor of the sport will be present and will explain everything to you.

We will try the sport outdoors and end the event with a reflection about the natural environment that has been our host all along: the air!

Sport: Slack Line

Day: Friday 27th October

Meeting point: Foro Italico Park Palermo, precise directions:

Meeting time: 14.30

Activity duration: approx. 2 and a half hours

Comfortable clothing is necessary. We also recommend bringing sun cream, a hat and sunglasses.

Places are limited so hurry and make your reservation by filling out the following pre-registration form.

Facebook event:

Other sporting events scheduled for October, November and December

Exact dates will be published a few days before the event. Stay updated by following this article or on our social channels!

Don’t miss these unique opportunities to explore nature, try new sports and meet lots of people!

4. Archery – As fast as the wind

Put together a piece of wood, a string, a piece of obsidian, and a stick that is long enough and straight enough and you have a bow ready. It seems that the ability to use it is now innate to humans, who began using bows and arrows 20,000 years ago. Test your aim!

5. Beach volleyball – Where the sea begins

Beach volleyball is an Olympic sport in its own right. It is by no means easy to play on the sand. Wanna bet?

6. Climbing – Reach the summit

It is one of the safest sports! You will have a harness and an experienced professional who will teach you the first vertical steps. Next destination, Everest!

7. Orienteering – Find your way

Orienteering is a sport that tests your sense of direction. It is characterised by a timed race where participants use a detailed map to reach checkpoints by choosing the best route. Try not to get lost or we’ll have to come looking for you!

8. Trekking – On top of the world

Trekking is a slow, experiential journey to lesser-known destinations on foot that respects the places visited and aims to get to know and explore an area. We will have a taste of this, but it will be a truly unique experience!

Who the events are for and how to participate

Young people ages 13 to 30 and their families may participate. No experience in the various sports is required.

Sports events are limited in number. Therefore, it is necessary to fill out the pre-registration form, which will remain open while places last.

Once you have pre-registered, a few days before the event you will receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your participation and will be sent some useful information.

Want to be updated on upcoming sporting events?

To be the first to receive the dates, venues and times of the next 7 sporting events in nature, write to Giulia Siino – – and you will receive an e-mail for each new event!

About the project

Green League – Sport alliance for the environment is a project funded by the European Union under the Erasmus+ programme – cooperation partnership – sport – that aims to improve the link between sport and the environment through experiential learning, promoting outdoor physical activity as a tool for environmental awareness and encouraging sustainable practices in sport.


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