Active Citizenship and interculture: the fourth cycle of meeting of I Giovani Parlano con l’Europa

12 July 2018 | Youth

The intercultural encounters foreseen by the project I Giovani Parlano con l’Europa continue their course after the enthusiasm and participation with which the first three cycles were concluded.

The satisfaction of the last activities showed how the young participants that coming from different parts of the world are ready to talk with Europe. Especially the young participants have shown to feel active and aware citizens, able to give their contribution to improve the place and the community in which they live and enjoy all the activities and services that a territory can offer them.

The project I Giovani Parlano con l’Europa includes different intercultural meeting on the topic of active citizenship, aimed at improving intercultural dialogue, enhancing the heterogeneity of active citizens, improving transversal skills.

The fourth cycle of meeting will take place in CESIE office, in Via Roma 94 in Palermo, from 15.00 to 18.00, with the following schedule:

  • First Meeting: Tuesday 24 July 2018
  • Second Meeting: Friday 27 July 2018
  • Third Meeting: Tuesday 31 July 2018
  • Fourth Meeting: Friday 2 August 2018

During the meetings, some aspects related to active citizenship and different themes will be discussed. Among these themes, there are the importance of teamwork and transversal skills, the geographical characteristics of the places where people live and the principles that surround them, the usefulness of a curriculum vitae and the way it is carried out, the aspects of a job interview and how they could deal with it.

At the end of the meetings, the participants will receive a certificate of participation.

 To register, please fill up the online form by 18/07/18: you will receive a confirmation of the successful selection.

Talking about active citizenship also means knowing how to communicate with the different communities in the area and through intercultural encounters; we hope to foster the mutual exchange of information, ideas and experiences that can help all participants to enrich their idea of interculturalism and to feel part of a territory and a community.

About the project

I Giovani Parlano con l’Europa is co-funded by Giovani per il Sociale”, an initiative promoted by the Department of Youth and National Civic Service – Presidency of the Council of Ministers (Italy)



The project involves three partners:

For further information

For further information concerning the workshops, please contact Annaclaire Turco – – 091 6164224.

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