How to guarantee the right to participate in the cultural life of the community?

Friday 28 October 2022

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The cultural and creative sectors have been some of the most affected during the COVID-19 pandemic. Moreover, unlike other sectors that have seen significant growth soon after, the latter have experienced a series of prohibitions and limitations that have made recovery more difficult.

Yet culture and creativity contribute to generating a positive social impact in many other areas, as well as ensuring well-being and health, education, inclusion.

Everyone has the right to participate in the cultural life of their community: how can we ensure that this right is guaranteed? As part of the CREATE project, CESIE will organize focus groups with the aim of involving the beneficiaries of the project – artists, young people, institutions – to analyze the different points of view, obtain an understanding of the specific local needs to promote social inclusion through art. CREATE aims to break down barriers in artistic production and in the fruition of art in all its forms.

The focus group will address the following topics:

  • participants’ perception of local strategies related to social inclusion and access to culture and art
  • the main challenges and difficulties to be faced
  • views on specific requirements and support for beneficiaries from disadvantaged backgrounds and special needs.

The aim is to share different strategies to develop the CREATE intervention model.

If you are interested in these topics and would like to participate in the focus group, write to Martina Romano at

About the project proposito di CREATE

CREATE is cofinanced by Creative Europe programme, DG for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture and the DG for Communications Networks, Content and Technology.


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