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Wednesday 30 November 2022

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Stories do not necessarily need words to be told, and the experiences lived by the participants of CHIMES project and Base Camp project can prove it. Join us on December, 21st at the creative meeting promoted within the framework of CHIMES project to find out how the art of movement enabled a group of youth to meet and know each other and grow up together!

After 2 years of learning activities carried out to prove the intrinsic educative component of art both locally (Illustration and dance workshops) and internationally (musical form, body percussion and stop-motion workshops), CESIE invites you to be part of a creative event on December, 21st from 15.30 to 17.30, at Base Camp Palermo, Piazza Casa Professa, where the experiences and the results achieved by the youth involved in both the CHIMES activities (in Palermo and in Porto) and the Base Camp – Presidi Educativi Territoriali activities of the “Adventures of Egò” workshop will be presented.

The event will start as an opportunity to give space to the voice of the young people, to show the creative products of their commitment and to celebrate their successes in the creative and educational process. The projects that promoted these activities will be introduced and then the experiences of the young people over the past two years will be projected. This will be followed by a practical session to experience first-hand the communicative, inclusive and educational potential of the arts in the cultural and creative sectors in which everyone will be able to participate.

Finally, it will be possible to reflect together on the experience of this meeting and on how art can find uses other than entertainment, becoming a valid tool to facilitate paths of inclusion, active participation and growth, both personal and professional. At the end of the meeting there will be a light refreshments to say goodbye and wish each other happy holidays in view of the closure of activities for the Christmas period.

Useful information

Date: 21/12/2022

Time: 15.30 – 17.30

Venue: Base Camp Palermo – IMS “Regina Margherita”, Piazza Casa Professa, Palermo

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About the projects

CHIMES – Competences, Citizenship and Inclusion through Music and Movement Education Solutions is a project cofinanced by the European Union inside the program EACEA Erasmus+ Key Action 227 – Partnership for Creativity.

Base Camp – Presidi Educativi Territoriali is supported by Enel Cuore and Impresa sociale Con i Bambini (Fondo per il contrasto della povertà educativa minorile).

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