What do we offer?

CESIE both as a coordinator and as a partner has implemented more than 500 projects since 2001 and we currently have around 80 projects active at local, European and international levels. We are experienced, effective, representative, and capable of playing a valued role as actor in fostering the development of people through innovative educational methods.

Based on our competences we support you with a wide range of services:

Funding Identification

It is our pleasure to constantly update You with the latest news from the different funding and tender opportunities of the European Commission and other donors (e.g. German Development Cooperation Agency GIZ, World Bank).

CESIE aims to inform our partners about the funding and cooperation opportunities offered by the European Commission for the period 2014-2020 in the field of education, youth, sport, research, justice and citizenship. Learn more about the multiplicity of programmes and actions CESIE is and has been involved in, we always value diversity!

CESIE can support Your organisation, Institution and/or Authority in identifying the best funding sources in line with your expertise, project idea and specific target group.

With its longstanding experience especially in the fields of education, social inclusion, gender, human rights and civil society support both in Europe (EU countries and EU Neighbourhood countries) and in other world regions (Africa and Asia), CESIE can provide a valuable contribution to the preparation and implementation of tenders. If you are interested to know more about opportunity of tenders, to create a consortium and to prepare offers with our support please contact us directly at partnership@cesie.org

Proposal Preparation Support

We would like to share our knowledge and expertise before, during and after the project implementation: from the analysis of calls for proposals and tenders to the finalisation of proposals and offers, in compliance with the provisions of each specific call! Thanks to our long-term experience in planning and management of EU funded projects we will provide you with an added value as partner in your project consortium.

See here for what type of target groups and topics we have prepared proposals in the past!

Contact us for more references related to specific calls for tenders at partnership@cesie.org

Partnership Building Support

CESIE plays a key role in EU proposals by ensuring the necessary connection between studies and initiatives with a variety of target groups and stakeholders. Our worldwide Cooperation Network is composed by:

  • Local councils – stakeholders, politicians, social actors
  • Employers, entrepreneurs, NGOs
  • Education institutions – pre-schools, primary and secondary schools
  • Higher education institutions
  • Research centres
  • Training colleges
  • VET institutions
  • Educational trainers
  • Private Companies and Consultancies
  • Community organisations
  • Experts
  • Individuals – citizens, students, youngsters and adults from different social backgrounds.

They all support us in the implementation of our projects, in line with the Responsible Research and Innovation approach.

Our partners can become your partners! We could support you in project partnership building and involve our partners in Your project!

Currently we have more than 2000 potential partners in our database, representing 87 countries in the world.

Research And Development Project Responsibilities

We incorporate new technologies to our experiences in education and research, connecting empirically with the testing of new methodologies and the active involvement of target groups, in the respect of ethics and human development.

CESIE’s macro research-areas and themes of interest:







Quality Assurance and Evaluation Procedures

CESIE is experienced in monitoring and assessing the implementation and the impact of a variety of projects. As a lead partner of this activity we might be in charge of creation of the quality assurance system, the process monitoring, assuring that all planned activities and products/services or results respond to quality standards.

We create target-tailored evaluation methods and procedures to assure projects’ quality and for performing the evaluation of all project activities and results in an accountable and comprehensive way.

Mainly we refer to two main frameworks a) quality of management and b) quality in moderation of assessment, which relates to the implementation development of researches, resources, trainings, etc.

Additionally, we are able to follow closely the evolution of a project and present to the Project Manager findings and recommendations for the improvement of the project implementation in a concise reporting procedure.

Outreach and Dissemination Strategies

CESIE has a strong and extensive potential for dissemination actions in terms of distribution of information and creation of visual identities, educational videos and product design. We also have participated over the years in the creation of digital products, websites, e-platforms, MOOCs, OERs, social pages and other ICT tools.

In Your future proposal our strong dissemination capacity might be used to create Dissemination strategy and lead the promotional activities, as we can guarantee the necessary impact of the project through proactive strategies of dissemination and exploitation of research and innovation results to different groups of stakeholders.

Exploitation of Results

Knowledge adaptation, transfer and multiplication is key to our work.

To make the most out of our efforts in various subject areas and directed to different target groups, there is a catalogue of products developed in the last years where You can seek for guidance, reports, training and teaching material with a focus on various methodologies.

Visit here our Digital Library where you can filter your learning interests among 16 categories!

Capacity Building

Capacity building is one of CESIE’s milestones as it works for the development of knowledge, skills and capabilities of individuals and organisations through training, acquisition of new resources, strategies, conceptual frameworks and organisational attitudes, in order to overcome exclusion and help the progress of communities and societies.

We do believe that education nourishes economic growth. Therefore, education promotes individual wellbeing as well as economic development of societies by stimulating innovation and entrepreneurship.

CESIE organises and hosts training events – to deliver capacity enhancement, to raise awareness about European values, to share experiences, to transfer know-how to other working and living environments and to support social inclusion.

Check out our training and learning opportunities tailored for You!




Mobility Learning Opportunities

Mobility learning experiences have proven to be one of the most effective sources of acquiring transversal and technical competences and certainly, promote the lifelong learning approach. CESIE’s actions are therefore based upon a long-term approach and focus on inclusion, active participation, employability and entrepreneurship.

We are devoted to support mobility experiences for people at all ages, in order to overtake borders and sectors and turn the learning process into a real life experience.

Discover our mobility and learning opportunities, get inspired and motivated by other people’s stories and testimonies, and eventually enjoy a mobility experience with CESIE!

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