The organisation in Senegal carries out the following activities:

  • Educational activities with children and adults: individual support, accompaniment to reading, group support, language courses and computer science, trips, support for children with physical and mental disabilities.
  • Activities in the area of health: preparing and conducting awareness campaigns HIV, malaria, early pregnancies and contraception.
  • Activities micro credit training on micro credit: vocational training for young women and single mothers (cooking, recycling, handcraft) to increase their job opportunities.
  • Activities in the area of agriculture and the environment: to raise awareness and motivation of farmers to use the available resources by improving the systems in respect of their knowledge and cultural points of view, work in the garden of organic farming, creative workshops on environment and recycling.
  • Activities in the area of social development: public health and education, entertainment activities for young people to participate in activities to promote the area.
  • Project management: support managers and staff in the management of the funds, creating new tools for the organization (registers, account books, etc.), will help to create new alliances with other organizations by organizing meetings, conferences and seminars.
The stories and testimonies of those who have had the pleasure of working at CESIE Senegal

Supporting local network members in Senegal:

  • «GNO FAR» Jeunesse en Action, Zigiunchor
  • Enfance et Paix, Sedhiou, Casamance

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