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Monday 13 September 2021

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Given the essential role they play, addressing the learning crisis requires supporting teachers, who are the single most important driver of how much students learn in school.”

Jaime Saavedra – Senior Director, Education Global Practice, World Bank

Source: https://www.worldbank.org/en/news/immersive-story/2019/01/22/pass-or-fail-how-can-the-world-do-its-homework

Recent studies have shown that the learning crisis often depends on a crisis of the teaching system. Indeed, though students’ capacity to learn is largely influenced by the teacher’s competences, educational systems often pay scarce attention to the need of professional development of their teaching staff.

Considerable flaws still exist, especially in relation to the topic of inclusion, as confirmed by the high levels of early school leaving or school dropout for students with migrant background. One of the main causes is the failure to respond to new individual and social needs through cutting-edge educational models, that are able to provide personalised learning plans.

TEACHmi partnership is currently finalising the “Toolbox of Teaching Languages of Schooling for Students with Migrant Background and Integration Practices”, soon available online, on the project e-learning and networking platform.

Moreover, from January 2022, three training sessions will be organised for teachers and students (12-18 years) with migrant background, to present the “Curriculum and material elaboration for induction classes”. These resources aim to facilitate the inclusion of students with migrant background through the acquisition of common EU values and the strengthening of socio-emotional competences.

Register on TEACHmi online platform to have access to innovative educational resources and be part of an active community of other stakeholders interested in the topic.

Would you like to learn more?

Participate in the event Educazione Sconfinata: l’apprendimento oltre gli ostacoli on Wednesday 22nd September 17-19 at Al Fresco (Palermo). During the event, we will show the training opportunities and the resources offered within TEACHmi: the Toolbox of Teaching Languages of Schooling for Students with Migrant Background and Integration Practices, the e-learning and networking platform, the Curriculum and material elaboration for induction classes.

About the project

TEACHmi – Teacher preparation for migrant school inclusion is cofunded by Erasmus+ programme KA3: European Forward Looking Cooperation Projects in the fields of Education and Training.


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RIP Suzette Bronkhorst

RIP Suzette Bronkhorst

CESIE expresses deep condolences and sadness for the passing of Suzette Bronkhorst, co-founder of INACH – International Network Against Cyber Hate.