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Tuesday 12 October 2021

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After a first info Day held in October 2020, the cycle of events on inclusive didactics continue within the project TEACHmi. A second event was organized on 22nd September at Al Fresco Giardino e Bistrot (Palermo).

The Info Day was an opportunity to discuss and share opinions on a common challenge that the entire school system is facing nowadays, involving educators, trainers and other key-stakeholders with an interest in the topic.

After a short introduction on the objectives and key-topics within TEACHmi, an overview of the resources developed followed: Toolbox of Teaching Languages of Schooling for Students with Migrant Background and Integration Practices; E-learning and networking platform; Curriculum and material for induction classes.

Furthermore, next training opportunities were shown, which are meant to facilitate the inclusion of students (12-18 years old) with migrant background and strengthen the competences of professionals working in this field.

From January 2022, some training seminars will be organised, targeting teachers and students, with the aim to promote the “Curriculum and material for induction classes”, which includes a series of activities, tools, manuals for better inclusion thanks to the acquisition of stronger socio-emotional competences and better understanding of common European values. Between October and November, project partner will participate to two study visits to foster the exchange of expert knowledge and good practices on how to improve the school system towards better inclusion of students with migrant background.

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Have a look at the project second newsletter.

Visit TEACHmi e-learning platform to access innovative resources and be part of a community interested in the topic of inclusive didactics.

Contact Simona Sglavo: simona.sglavo@cesie.org.

About the project

TEACHmi – Teacher preparation for migrant school inclusion is cofunded by Erasmus+ programme KA3: European Forward Looking Cooperation Projects in the fields of Education and Training.


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Contact Simona Sglavo: simona.sglavo@cesie.org.

RIP Suzette Bronkhorst

RIP Suzette Bronkhorst

CESIE expresses deep condolences and sadness for the passing of Suzette Bronkhorst, co-founder of INACH – International Network Against Cyber Hate.