Teacher training is the key to student success

Monday 27 June 2022

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On May 26, 2022 we visited colleagues from the University of Athens National and Kapodistrian University of Athens NKUA and the 1st Peiramatiko Gymnasio Athinas school for our first face-to-face transnational partner meeting as part of the three-year Erasmus+ funded project, LOOP.

Our project aims to structure a valid mentoring program for teachers, through a dedicated platform. The platform will be an excellent place for exchange and meeting between mentors and mentees from every European country, which will encourage the exchange of good practices at European level, as well as information, news, innovative methodologies.

The project stems from the need to ensure the well-being of the teaching staff and the students: at the base of everything there is the belief that the success of students depends on the well-being and preparation of the teaching staff.

The important aspect of this meeting was to meet the presence partnership for the first time, as all previous meetings took place online, as the pandemic limited the opportunity for face-to-face meetings. During this first TPM, the partners worked together through participation in two different workshops to understand the importance of the relationship between mentor and mentee: thanks to case studies and role-play, the partners had the opportunity to learn firsthand through a holistic approach.

The sharing of the different European educational contexts with partners offers a critical point of view on our educational context, as teachers, researchers, headmasters and policy-makers. With our project we want to offer the possibility of new pedagogical landscapes.

If you want to be part of this project or want to receive more information, send an email to Martina Romano at the email address martina.romano@cesie.org.

About the project

LOOP – Scaffolding in Teachers Development: Mentoring and Mentors in Induction Programs is co-funded by Erasmus+ programme, KA2 Strategic Partnership SCHOOL.


For further information

Read more about LOOP, visit the website loop.casadoprofessor.pt and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Contact Martina Romano: martina.romano@cesie.org.

Talking about sexual and gender diversity to the student population

Talking about sexual and gender diversity to the student population

CESIE together with the Institute E. Majorana of Palermo and the collaboration of Arcigay Palermo, is
organizing a training meeting with about 4 classes of students from the fifth grades of the Institute to respond to the need of the student
population to be more aware, as well as to have a greater knowledge on sexual identity issues.