How to create intercultural environments through innovative teaching practices?

Monday 3 May 2021

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How to facilitate the inclusion of students with migrant background in multicultural classes? How to support teachers in this challenging task and provide the same opportunities to students from third countries?

These questions guided the Piloting Role Model Seminars on inclusive teaching approaches, organised in April 2021, within the Erasmus+ project TEACHmi – Teacher Preparation for Migrant School Inclusion.

Nowadays, European educational systems are facing an important challenge: the inclusion of an increasing number of students with migrant background. Schools should adapt to a different demand, which requires the creation of innovative educational models, able to respond to new individual and social needs.

The seminars were held online, with the following objectives:

  • To evaluate the efficacy of the first resource:  Toolbox of teaching languages of schooling for students with migrant background and integration practices;
  • To present TEACHmi e-learning and networking platform;
  • To provide participants with theoretical and practical instruments, aimed to foster the innovation of teaching methods.

The participants, from different Italian regions, had the opportunity to interact with other teachers and reflect together on this common problem in the school system. The feedbacks collected will greatly contribute to the next steps of the project, in order to provide effective materials to use in schools.

Currently, the partnership is working on the development of the second resource: Curriculum and material for induction classes for students with migrant background.

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TEACHmi – Teacher preparation for migrant school inclusion is cofunded by Erasmus+ programme KA3: European Forward Looking Cooperation Projects in the fields of Education and Training.


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