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Monday 26 October 2020

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To promote gender inclusive teaching methodologies tailored to primary schools’ students is one of the focus of IN2STEAM project, which aims to enhance the skills of teachers in exposing STEAM concepts to students, with particular attention to female students.

From 12 to 14 October 2020 the partners met on-line and finalized the six modules of the future on-line course, in the OER (open educational resource) version, directed to primary school teachers. The main purpose of the training was to test the platform and to define the main tasks that each partner, in the role of trainer, will have to support the teachers that will attend the online course.

Specifically, the Online Training Curriculum in STE(A)M learning and gender sensitive practices is structured in six modules that will allow teachers to improve their personal and professional teaching skills and competences related to STEM fields, to test themselves with the activities proposed in each module in an interactive way. Then the teachers will actively test the acquired knowledge and methodologies with their pupils in classroom.

The six modules of the OER are structured as follows:

  • Introduction to STE(A)M education – pedagogical aspects concerning gender disparities that impact on girl’s engagement in scientific subjects
  • Sharing of experiences and best practices addressing gender aspects in science education through innovative practices
  • Cross-sectorial learning approaches to support interdisciplinary collaboration between arts and scientific subjects and increase the motivation and participation of young girls
  • Designing lessons using STE(A)M principles and STE(A)M skills and concepts in classroom practices
  • Using open resources, technology & innovative design to create motivating & inspiring STE(A)M learning experiences
  • STE(A)M Assessment


After the piloting of the curriculum on-line, teachers will test the Digital Teacher’s Toolkit and the Activity KIT developed with hands-on activities to be used by the students, through a cycle of IN2STEAM Labs, with the collaboration of female STE(A)M professionals and arts practitioners.

After the conclusion of the training for trainers, the partners met online on the 15th October 2020 for the third transnational partner meeting, in order to plan the next activities foreseen by the project, such as the selection process of the teachers who will attend the online training course.

In addition, the partners set the stage for the development of the “European Charter for STE(A)M Educationwhich will collect the recommendations that will support young female students in their educational and career choices promoting synergies between science, creativity and innovation.

If you are a primary school teacher interested in the Online Training Curriculum in STE(A)M learning and gender sensitive practices, contact


About the project

IN2STEAM Inspiring Next Generation of Girls through Inclusive STE(A)M Learning in Primary Education is co-financed by the Erasmus+ KA201 – Strategic Partnerships for school education.

The project aims to enhance, encourage and foster + innovative educational approach that integrates STE(A)M learning (applying art + design principles to science education) in primary education through gender-inclusive methods and resources to promote a positive change of attitudes towards non–stereotyping choices in education + attract more girls into STEM fields.



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