Giornata del Borgo Comune – Third meeting with the local community

Wednesday 27 March 2013

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Giornata del Borgo Comune“Giornata del Borgo Comune”, third meeting with the local community included in the project “Borgo di Dio”, which is funded by Fondazione con il Sud, took place on Saturday 9 March at 9 a.m.

The Day was divided in two parts. The first part of the event was held in the Council Hall of the Municipality of Trappeto, where was introduced the project and the Day by the Mayor Giuseppe Vitale, followed by Anna Raspanti who underlined the significance of the event. This day was designed to make the local community acquire a sense of re-appropriation and re-discovery of the structure. It continued with the stories of those who lived in the village during the years of Danilo Dolci, like Benedict Zeno and Pine Lombardo, then 4th grade students from the Comprehensive Institute “R. F. Evola” and the 3rd grade class “E” of the secondary school “Danilo Dolci” showed their drawings and their thoughts, as result of some maieutic laboratories held a few days before on the theme “Future”, in relation to the Village.

Later all the people moved to the hill near the village, where the architect Giorgio Stockel (who have designed the “Training Centre for organic planning” together with Danilo Dolci in 1968), talked about the project at that time, telling some details on how the work of construction was born and then evolved. Soon after the architect Mariano Genovese explained in general terms the kind of intervention provided, and which will be the renovation works for the village. The day, particularly nice for the presence of bright sunshine, ended with a reception open to all the many and cheerful participants.

The partnership of the project thanks everyone participated in the “Giornata del Borgo Comune” and made it so special, especially since it was amplified by numerous articles and TV reports also on national channels, as RadioRaiTre and TGR. A special thanks to the volunteers of The Center for the Creative Development “Danilo Dolci” and CESIE, who contributed to the great success of the day. We wait for you for the next events.

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