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Wednesday 6 October 2021

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After the digital and technological developments that invaded every sector of our lives, the capacity of online interaction has become a necessary condition for effective participation in society. Though these trends require the development of technical competences, they also raised the need for appropriate and responsible behaviors.

How to assist youngsters in this process of learning and personal growth?

D3 project partners have focused on the integration of open data in secondary school education, with the objective to strengthen teachers’ and educators’ competences and overcome some widespread weaknesses within the school system.

To this aim, they developed an online training course for teachers, based on The European Digital Competence Framework for citizens (DigComp 2.1) and DigCompEdu (Digital Competence Framework for Educators), which will be soon available online on the project website.

The course will contain several activities, tools for open data use, additional readings, organised in four modules according to two expertise levels, beginner and expert:

  1. Information & Data Literacy
  2. Digital data (content) creation
  3. Communication & collaboration through open data
  4. Problem solving with open data

Are you interested in improving your competences to use digital data in your teaching?

For more information about D3 training, you can contact Simona Sglavo:

About the project

D3 – Developing Digital Data literacy is cofinanced by Erasmus+ programme, KA201 – Strategic Partnerships for school education.


For further information

Read more about D3, visit the project website and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Contact Simona Sglavo:

28th November 2021: the first Day of the Mediterranean

28th November 2021: the first Day of the Mediterranean

In November 2020, the 42 Member States of the Union for the Mediterranean declared the 28th of November as the official Day of the Mediterranean calling upon the entire Mediterranean community to celebrate the lasting legacy of this age-old agora of cultural dialogue, wisdom and humanism.