Would you like to learn more about the Design Thinking methodology? Participate in the ADDET seminar

Tuesday 3 May 2022

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Are you a teacher or do you deal with training and education, or do you simply want to improve your knowledge of the methodology of Design Thinking and problem solving?

CESIE invites you to take part in our seminar on 23 May at 2.30 pm which will introduce participants to the Design Thinking methodology. The seminar is organised within the framework of ADDET, an Erasmus+ project  that aspires to develop the transversal skills of students enrolled in vocational training courses.


On 23 May 2022, CESIE organises an introductory seminar for trainers, youth workers, educators to introduce them to the Design Thinking  project and methodology. The invitation is extended to all those who want to deepen the use of this methodology.

What is Design Thinking?

The Design Thinking methodology – developed at Stanford and then rapidly spread to the USA, Canada and most of Europe – improves the ability of organizations, such as profit companies, non-profits, public administrations, etc., to solve complex problems. Design Thinking improves the creative process within organizations and companies, helps to think differently and to find solutions never adopted. Within the process, creativity as well as teamwork is essential.

Why is this important?

The ability to make effective and profitable decisions creates sharing and “well-being”. One of the main benefits is to offer a valid method to solve problems and make important decisions. In addition, it promotes an attitude of listening, collaboration, team work and favors the possibility of focusing on the needs of people, companies and customers. This methodology fosters a positive and proactive environment.

What is it for?

Design Thinking is aimed at all those who want to improve their performance. It applies indifferently to any type of organization: from start-ups to non-profit  organizations. It is a method and as such can be successfully applied both by a few and by many people, with an active contribution from everyone.

At the end of the event the participants will be aware of the 5 phases of the Design Thinking methodology and will be ready to transmit this information to their students.


Addressed to: trainers, youth workers, educators

Mode: in presence

Where: CESIE training room

Duration: 4 hours

Date and time: 23 May from 14.30

For further information send an e-mail to: martina.romano@cesie.org

About the project

ADDET is a project funded by the Erasmus+ program, KA2 Strategic Partnership for schools.


For further information

Read more about ADDET.

Contact Martina Romano: martina.romano@cesie.org.

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