D3: Developing Digital Data literacy in secondary schools

Monday 30 September 2019

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The use of digital technologies and open data in education in general and in addressing the need for active citizenship in particular remains fragmented because educational stakeholders are largely unaware of the potential benefits that digital technologies and open data can offer for learning as well as the opportunities available to them when they develop digital skills in an open data environment.

Digital technologies are used in most employment areas, but the understanding and recognition of data and information literacy is lacking in the European job marketplace. This is recognized as the first item in the European Commission Digital Competence Framework.

Developing Digital Data literacy (D3) is a project that has as main objective to promote the use of digital technologies and open data tools in learning and teaching increasing the capacity of learning and teaching to integrate democratic engagement considerations into educational plans and strategies.

The Kick-Off Meeting of the D3 project was held the 11th and 12th September 2019 at Sint-Lodewijkscollege (Bruges, BE) .

The D3 project aims to make use of the outcomes of the Comenius Forward Looking Youth project YouthMetre: A Tool for Forward Youth Participation, which promoted “the collection and analysis of substantive evidence allowing young people to participate effectively in policy making”.

D3 is designed to promote a highly relevant educational approach, applying the framework of a digital citizenship educational paradigm, by providing innovative mechanisms (curricula and engagement structures) resulting in learning and engagement opportunities to integrate digital technologies and open data in schools.

The project will produce the following outputs:

  1. A review of digital data literacy opportunities in terms of school curricula, qualifications and the availability of digital open data tools which will include guidelines for schools related to data management competences and a framework for open data in the curriculum.
  2. A D3 training course teachers on how to use open data and digital technologies in addressing digital literacy and dealing with open data, data tools, citizen science and learning approaches related to democratic engagement.
  3. A teaching toolkit of resources and materials to support the integration of D3 into secondary schools.
  4. An online exhibit of powerful examples demonstrating the power of data and information based on the work of students and teachers related to democratic engagement and advocacy for active citizenship.

About the project

D3 – Developing Digital Data literacy project is a 2-year project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme: Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership in the field of School education.


The project involves 7 organisations:


    Per ulteriori informazioni

    Please contact Andrea Lentini: andrea.lentini@cesie.org.

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