How to create a connection between local industrial heritage and future opportunities?

Wednesday 30 June 2021

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Such topics have been discussed during the final conference of Metropolis project, organised on Thursday 24th June, at Al Fresco, Palermo.

The event was a unique opportunity to promote the rediscovery of local economic and cultural heritage, through the involvement of different key actors: experts of urban planning, students, secondary school teachers, educators, tourism and culture professionals.

Starting with the analysis of places symbolising the industrial heritage of Palermo, possible difficulties and useful strategies for the reintegration of these buildings were identified and discussed by some urban planning experts. Thus, the discussion focused on how to involve youngsters in this rediscovery, in order to strengthen their curiosity and creativity, and to stimulate their interest in finding a job in local labour markets, by benefitting from those opportunities that often remain unknown.

To this aim, the initiatives of the high school Santi Savarino of Partinico (Palermo), involved in Metropolis interactive maps piloting, were presented, together with some good practices for the promotion of local cultural heritage through a sustainable touristic approach. All these topics were at the core of the Erasmus+ project Metropolis, aimed to eliminate the negative stereotypes often associated by youngsters to post-industrial areas, tackle the problem of unemployment and skill mismatches, support the use of digital instruments and the development of the necessary competences in the education and training of youngsters.


By developing City Exploration Interactive Maps, imitating the functioning of a treasure hunt, starting from mapping industrial heritage of project partners’ locations and exploring areas of current and future market growth in these areas. Metropolis Practitioner Toolkit will be soon available online: a guide for education and guidance professionals working with youngsters, providing some examples of good practices for the integration of digital tools in teaching and for orienteering in the local labour market.

About the project

Metropolis – Linking Cultural Heritage to the Jobs of the Future is co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme, Key-action 2 – Strategic Partnerships for school education.


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