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Tuesday 16 November 2021

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How to teach STEM subjects to make them intriguing for high school students? How to combine multiple STEM and non-STEM disciplines in one lesson while offering students a hands-on experience? The CHOICE project is launching a Massive Open Online Course with 20 digital-based Open Educational Resources co-developed by teachers, students and experts from business and academic field.

The CHOICE MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) is an e-learning platform which promotes the STE(A)M approach to STEM education (teaching of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). The STE(A)M approach is based on a constructive interaction between STEM and non-STEM subjects with the objective of making learning STEM more interesting, showcase the connecting between different field, demonstrate practical application of theoretical disciplines and promote a more complex vision of real-word problems, requiring a multi-disciplinary solution.

In this way, the CHOICE resources aim to provide teachers with an innovative digital-based tool to facilitate the application of the STE(A)M approach in teaching, and thus contribute to increasing young people’s interest in the STEM field, and motivate them to choose STEM careers.

The MOOC consists of an introductory Module dedicated to teachers, explaining the STE(A)M approach, and 5 modules to be used for STE(A)M lessons:

  • Introduction to the STE(A)M approach in teaching STEM

This module is dedicated to teachers and educators, assisting them in the application of STE(A)M approach and in the implementation of CHOICE Open Education Resources. After having completed this module, you’ll receive the CHOICE digital badge.

  • STEM & Arts

Connecting STEM disciplines with artistic, cultural and creative features, making STEM subjects more attractive for students while boosting their creativity.

  • Experiential projects

Providing hands-on experience and engaging students in interactive activities, connecting STEM subjects to their practical application, focusing on developing problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

  • STEM & Teaching languages

STEM education enriched with linguistic dimension, using foreign languages as well as the language of future – coding, to enhance students’ communication skills and computational thinking.

  • Using technology in social sciences

Using digital technologies in social and history research, analysing data to explore social and economic phenomena while improving students’ digital skills and analytical skills.

  • STEM & sports

Connecting STEM education with sports and physical activity, adding a hands-on experience and fun to teaching STEM disciplines, increasing attractivity of STEM, and promoting a healthy lifestyle among students.

Each Module includes 4 thematic Open Educational Resources (OER), providing materials such as Teachers’ handbooks, Students’ Learning Material, Quizzes and suggestions for Homework assignments.

The Open Educational Resources were co-developed by teams of teachers, students and experts from the STEM field during workshop organised in Italy, Cyprus, Greece and Spain within the CHOICE project.

CHOICE partners inaugurated the beta version of the MOOC at their fourth meeting on the 2nd of November 2021. The MOOC is now ready to be pilot-tested with 60 teachers and 800 students in Italy, Cyprus, Greece and Spain.

Visit our platform to learn more about STE(A)M approach and explore innovative educational resources:

About the project

CHOICE – Increasing young people’s motivation to choose STEM careers through an Innovative Cross-disciplinary STE(A)M approach to education is an Erasmus+ project, Key Action 3: European Forward-Looking Cooperation Projects in the fields of Education and Training.


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