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Tuesday 26 February 2013

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Giornata del Borgo ComuneTo follow an article about Borgo di Dio renaissance, by the writer and journalist Bruna Alasia.

PALERMO – In Palermo, the “ Centro per lo sviluppo creativo Danilo Dolci” presented to the press the project “Borgo di Dio” regarding its renaissance process promoted by the sociologist and poet nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.  A lot of events will be realized in the next few months until January 2014.

The project, funded by the association  Fondazione con il Sud, started in April 2012, aims principally to the cultural renaissance of  Trappeto’s area and its surroundings, through the restoration of a symbolic place: Studies center “Borgo di Dio”, established by Danilo Dolci. After the opening phase, the restoration of the building has been launched and the working site is making efforts to let the center be functioning by next autumn.
The “Borgo di Dio” project tries to realize Danilo Dolci’s dream, a creative human chorale, starting from the social and cultural development of the area. Starting from this month, the initiative “Mesi delle Arti di Borgo di Dio” will be launched, and it will recall the music days held in the center – Mr. Dolci attributed to music a great educational potential – organizing every month an artistic/cultural meeting for eight months until January.
The first initiative will be the celebration of the anniversary of  Danilo Dolci’s birth, through the event “Buon compleanno Danilo”, held on 28th and 29th of June. During these meetings, some maieutic workshops will be realized, addressed both to young people and adults, at the Council room of Trappeto municipality. In the afternoon of 28th of June, at the lecture hall Li Donni of the Faculty of Economy of Palermo, some books by Danilo Dolci will be presented, in particular, “Processo all’articolo 4”, “Palpitare di nessi” and “Un cosmo vivo”. Subsequently, a musical performance by the quartet Leukòs. The meeting will end with an updating of the “Borgo di Dio” project.
On 29th of June, a guided visit to the “Borgo (hamlet)” of Trappeto is scheduled, involving the children of  “Volontariato e Formazione di Estate Libera naturale e sostenibile”, realized by “Libera-Mente”, a social cooperative company, participant to  “Libera, Associazioni, nomi e numeri contro le mafie”. In the afternoon, some artistic workshops for small children are scheduled, and, finally, at  the Rettoria Chiesa S.S. Annunziata, the children of “Divertimento Primo” will entertain the public with their music.
The events within the initiative “Mesi delle arti di Borgo di Dio” are scheduled and available on the website of the project: