IDEA: Mobile report about entrepreneurship teaching and entrepreneurial skills demand

The mobile report is an interactive resource which allows to search and filter information on the most needed skills in the entrepreneurial field and which offers tips for self-development of educators and NEETs.

OuRoute – Collection of good practices on culture

In ouRoute, 25 good practices have been collected related to common values and social inclusion through culture.

HOPEFUL: Newsletter

A new European project aimed at secondary school teachers whose classes include pupils with a migrant background has started. Specifically, the project is addressed to teachers of literacy, numeracy and digital skills. The general objective of the project is to...

SUPEER – The network programme

The SUPEER Network Programme aims at establishing a common and intercultural network as a co-productive, creative and autonomous forum between youth from different cultural background and it is based on the idea of peer-to-peer learning and empowerment built through intercultural and co-creative initiatives.

VOLUME – Research and Analysis Report

The VOLUME Research and Analysis Report is the result of field and desk research and aims to give a representative picture of the challenges and training needs of volunteers working with unaccompanied minors, as well as the basic needs for which minors need more support from volunteers and professionals.