MEGA – Report: EU myths and success stories

The main purpose of this collection is to expose false anti-European myths and, at the same time, to teach the reader a method for recognizing fake news.

REC Methodological Guide – Visual & Fine Arts for Experimental Video Creation

This methodological guide has been developed by the REC project. It establishes a program for youth workers who are interested in learning and applying an innovative methodology, with the aims to prevent violence and/or to deal with many other topics relevant for youth.

CHILDREN FIRST – CHILDREN FIRST – National reports on dating violence in Italy

As a part of the Children First project, CESIE developed two National Reports: One providing an overview of young people's views on gender-based violence in teen relationships, and presenting data on existing policies relating to this issue; One aimed at mapping...

ABC – Toolkit of Interventions

The interventions toolkit is an overview of methods, interventions and projects that schools can use to act to implement the recommendations from the assessment in a practical way.

ABC – Presentation for the teacher workshop

The PowerPoint presentation was elaborated to support the staff review. During this day, the staff must talk about anti-bullying.