Metropolis – City Mapping Report

This Report aims to map the industrial heritage of the cities being explored by the project and analyse the legacy this heritage has left in the present.

CEAR: Toolkit for Muslim communities

This toolkit is aimed at practitioners designing or preparing for interventions to counter Islamist extremism involving Muslims, with a special focus on Muslim youth.

CEAR: Youth CVE and Campaigning toolkit

This toolkit represents a useful resource for those who want to improve their competences on P/CVE and engage young individuals in the fight against extremism by promoting awareness raising initiatives and successful as well as targeted campaigns.

Work4Psy – Literature Review Report

Work4Psy project developed a Literature Review Report on work and education integration of NEETs, people with mental health issues and MH NEETs.

RETHINK – Policy Recommendations

Project RETHINK outlined a series of recommendations to enhance mutual cooperation and greater engagement for remembrance education.