OuRoute – Newsletters

In this section you can find the newsletters of the OuRoute project

IN2STEAM – Digital Teacher’s Toolkit

The Digital Teacher’s Toolkit provides both methodological foundations and practical instructions for teachers on how to integrate STE(A)M disciplines in primary schools.

DREAMS – Online course Primary to Secondary smooth transitioning to prevent ESL

DREAMS has created an online course to provide all the necessary steps to prepare teachers to implement the theater workshop developed by the project in their classrooms.

DREAMS – Bridging the gap. Handbook for teachers and counsellors

This handbook is mainly for teachers, educators, counselors and anyone else somehow involved with students who are transitioning from Primary to Secondary School, and are looking for new (or maybe just different) approaches to address and accompany the transition in the best way possible.

KITE Fighters: Toolkit

KITE Fighters’ toolkit provides creative methods to cope with bullying situations and prevent the escalation of conflicts at school. It is particularly useful for engaging students with social difficulties.

Non-formal education