iLikeIT2: Guidelines to enhance the quality of Collaborative work through EdTech

iLikeIT2 has the goal of fostering collaborative work in class by developing a functioning prototype of a response tool that will enable lecturers to organize students easily and time-efficiently into groups and receive responses from all participating students.

Digital Practices for Inclusive Programs – Newsletters

Here are updates on the Digital Practices for Inclusive Programs project.

D3: Professional teacher development course (MOOC)

The D3 professional teacher development course focuses on competences related to digital technologies and data literacy.

D3: Gallery of case studies

D3 Gallery of case studies contains examples of pedagogical approaches for developing digital data literacy in secondary schools.

D3 Teaching toolkit

The D3 project has created a toolkit of resources to help teachers to use and integrate open data in their classes, and increase their digital data literacy and open data awareness.

New media and e-services