RETHINK – Lessons learned and best practices handbook

The aim of this best practices handbook is to share strategic advice and knowledge obtained in the framework of the research and consequent implementation of the project titled “RETHINK – Alternative Narratives to Violent Extremism”.

REC Methodological Guide – Visual & Fine Arts for Experimental Video Creation

This methodological guide has been developed by the REC project. It establishes a program for youth workers who are interested in learning and applying an innovative methodology, with the aims to prevent violence and/or to deal with many other topics relevant for youth.

D3 – School curricula, qualifications and digital open data tools

European review of digital data literacy opportunities in terms of school curricula, qualifications and availability of digital open data tools in secondary school

RETHINK – Teacher’s Guide to Remembrance Education

This Teacher’s Guide, developed by project RETHINK, offers tools educators can use to address the challenges they encounter when teaching about remembrance.

BYMBE: Handbook for Outreach Awareness & Motivation Strategies

A methodology about how to elaborate and implement a motivational campaign.

New media and e-services