DREAMS – Working on transitions from home. Booklet for Families

The DREAMS booklet for families provides information and resources to the families to be able to support their children in the transition process from Primary to Secondary education, with a particular focus in early ESL prevention.

CEAR: Toolkit for Organisations Composed by Families of Radicalised People

This CVE & Campaigning Toolkit is dedicated to improving the understanding of front-line practitioners, activists and professionals working in the field of youth-facing counter-violent extremism (CVE) efforts.

FROM PALERMO TO CORNWALL, Travel Notes, feelings and emotions

FROM PALERMO TO CORNWALL, Travel Notes, feelings and emotions Travel notes and pictures of the volunteering experience Opuscolo: ita Target Groups: Seniors / Sending and hosting organisations

IOLI – Handbook

IOLI handbook: collection of best practices – informal adult education opportunities The participation to IOLI project represented a very good possibility to perceive the state of art of informal and non-formal learning recognition and validation in Europe context,...

Intergenerational Dialogue