GreenInterculturality – Foundation Bricks

Foundation Bricks is a report aiming at promoting the adoption of a new perspective to social work practices that integrate pedagogical approaches focused on environmental sustainability and linked to intercultural education.

SUPEER – The network programme

The SUPEER Network Programme aims at establishing a common and intercultural network as a co-productive, creative and autonomous forum between youth from different cultural background and it is based on the idea of peer-to-peer learning and empowerment built through intercultural and co-creative initiatives.

PASSAGE – National and European State of the Art Report

Within the PASSAGE project, we carried out extensive documentary and field research at a national level, investigating the state of the art on the integration of newly arrived students from third countries.

MyHandScraft: Digital Guide for Handcrafters

This guide is a digital tool aimed at passing on to other handcrafters, or would-be handcrafters, the traditions and techniques shared during the local workshops organised within the MyHandScraft project.


Within the MEDIS project the MEDIS MOOC was developed: this e-course is based on a collection of Good Practices coming from the partner MEDIS countries (Catalunya-Spain, Portugal, Greece, Bulgaria, and Cyprus).

Intercultural dialogue