MyHandScraft: Digital Guide for Handcrafters

This guide is a digital tool aimed at passing on to other handcrafters, or would-be handcrafters, the traditions and techniques shared during the local workshops organised within the MyHandScraft project.

COTW – State of the Art Report

The COTW State of the Art report gathers and discusses the results from the initial field research on migrants’ needs conducted in Sweden, Italy, Iceland and the Czech Republic.

MyHandScraft: Handbook for Adult Educators

The aim of this Handbook is to provide a support for educational staff working with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers and to respond to the lack of pedagogical, psychological, didactical education and training needed in order to face the challenges posed by multilingual, multicultural and multi-ethic learner groups.

TEACHmi – Newsletter n. 1

TEACHmi aims to provide effective tools, teaching material and guidelines to teachers of multicultural classes as well as school leaders in order to facilitate the integration of students with migrant background.

RETHINK – Lessons learned and best practices handbook

The aim of this best practices handbook is to share strategic advice and knowledge obtained in the framework of the research and consequent implementation of the project titled “RETHINK – Alternative Narratives to Violent Extremism”.

Intercultural dialogue