HEAL: Fanzines Book

This Fanzines Book is a collection of 43 fanzines created by women survivors of trafficking, from across 4 EU countries (Italy, Greece, Spain and Romania).

MyHandScraft: Digital Guide for Handcrafters

This guide is a digital tool aimed at passing on to other handcrafters, or would-be handcrafters, the traditions and techniques shared during the local workshops organised within the MyHandScraft project.

HOPEFUL: Newsletter

A new European project aimed at secondary school teachers whose classes include pupils with a migrant background has started. Specifically, the project is addressed to teachers of literacy, numeracy and digital skills. The general objective of the project is to...

WORK4PSY – Focus Groups: Transnational Synthesis of Results

Results of focus groups conducted in partner countries to to gain insights from mental health professionals about the significance of work and careers for Mental Health NEETs .

COTW – State of the Art Report

The COTW State of the Art report gathers and discusses the results from the initial field research on migrants’ needs conducted in Sweden, Italy, Iceland and the Czech Republic.

Inclusion and Integration

HEAL – European Anthology of best practices and future recommendations

HEAL – European Anthology of best practices and future recommendations

The European Anthology of good practices and future recommendations summarises the good practices and challenges as emerged from the needs assessment with third-country-national women victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation and the results of local and transnational networking with support service providers and employers