Hei4Diversity: Training Course

The Hei4Diversity training course is designed primarily to strengthen the capacity of all members of the university community to recognize any form of violence and discrimination against LGBTQI+ groups and to take action against them.

Hei4Diversity: Didactic Guide

The Didactic Guide is the document that introduces the Hei4Diversity innovative online training course.

CHILDREN FIRST – #ArtAgainstTeenDatingViolence online contest

CHILDREN FIRST organised an online creative public contest with audio-visual collages, short theatre or musical performances on DVD, poems, comics or photography realized by young people

CHILDREN FIRST – Teachers’ training materials

The Children First consortium realised an E-Learning course for teachers and educators, a theoretical and practical course aimed at strengthening teachers’ existing capacities and understanding on how to identify and tackle school-related gender-based violence.

CHILDREN FIRST – Awareness raising campaigns

The Children First consortium developed awareness raising and educational youth-led campaign in order to promote messages of gender equality and inclusion and tackle commonly held gender stereotypes that shape gender dynamics among children and young people.

Gender and sexuality