IDEA: Mobile report about entrepreneurship teaching and entrepreneurial skills demand

The mobile report is an interactive resource which allows to search and filter information on the most needed skills in the entrepreneurial field and which offers tips for self-development of educators and NEETs.

SIM4CSOs – Comprehensive guide on social impact measurement

The present Comprehensive report encloses a review of the state of art regarding social impact measurement and best practices in each partner country, namely Croatia, Italy, Cyprus, Norway, Israel, Portugal, Poland and Greece.

ReFace – Newsletter

In this section you can find the newsletters of the ReFace project.

Mental Health+ – Champion Skills Profile

The Skills Profile points out the skills and responsibilities needed to develop a successful role of Mental Health Champion within VET organisations, in line with the ESCO classification.

Mental Health+: Benchmark Tool

This is an interactive assessment tool for VET organisations to benchmark their current mental health inclusion policies.

Employment and Entrepreneurship