TEMSIC: Guides for teachers on transformative education and global citizenship

The TEMSIC guides are addressed to teachers in order to explore the issue of the Global Citizenship Education and foster new educational models for “transformative” societies and so in order to train students become active citizens of the world.

iLikeIT2: Guidelines to enhance the quality of Collaborative work through EdTech

iLikeIT2 has the goal of fostering collaborative work in class by developing a functioning prototype of a response tool that will enable lecturers to organize students easily and time-efficiently into groups and receive responses from all participating students.

IDEA: Newsletters

In this section you can find the newsletters of the IDEA project.

WFBW – Psychosocial Learning Resource

A Psychosocial Learning Resource for Refugee and Migrant Solidarity Responders assists readers in better understanding of trauma and resilience, and the mind, body and nervous system impacts of sustained stress.

WFBW – Psychosocial Resilience Training Manual

This Psychosocial Resilience Training Manual comprehensive manual contains reflections and practices that can help anyone engaged in solidarity-based responses to migration.

Education and Training