STIRE – Community Orientation Guidebook

In this guidebook you will find basic information about support services to help refugees get started, obtain social and healthcare services, learn the language and new skills, start work, get settled and successfully move forward with their lives.

REFORM – CC-Box – Methodology Reinforcing Educator’s Competences for Counselling and Motivation

The REFORM methodology wants to strengthen students’ relational and interpersonal skills such as: listening, dialogue, collaboration, team work, necessary for the labour market.

Active Businesses – Research on the state of HEPA promotion in enterprises

Lo scopo principale di questa ricerca era identificare la situazione attuale, i principali bisogni nel campo dell’attività psichica sul posto di lavoro e identificare quali tipi di interventi di attività fisica sul posto di lavoro sono efficaci per diversi settori della forza lavoro e tipi di posto di lavoro.

SEEDS – Recommendations

The SEEDS project has produced a publication that describes the framework for the SEEDS project – the 21st century skills, the national contexts for the preschools participating in the SEEDS project and the results of the project, as well as recommendations for implementing the SEEDS pedagogy.

SEEDS – Toolkit & Makerspace files

The SEEDS toolkit it a set of resource materials that altogether allow for being creative using hands-on technology with children from the age of three to six years in a preschool context.

Education and Training

STIRE – Community Orientation Guidebook

NE(W)AVE Newsletter

These six newsletters sent during the project 3-year lifetime provide information about the different stages of the project implementation, its scope, objectives and the results reached by the partnership.

NE(W)AVE: E-Toolkit for VET Trainers

NE(W)AVE: E-Toolkit for VET Trainers

The E-Toolkit for VET Trainers is an important tool for VET trainers and providers who wish to use the Open Online Course (OOC) for VET learners in their own institutions in a way that promotes the methodology and contents developed by the NE(W)AVE project.