ReFace – Presentation on SlideShare #1

ReFace Syllabus offers the methodological framework for the MOOC “Regions facing shocks: building resilient community”.

ReFace: The European Report on Resilient Regions

This European Report provides an analysis of the economic, societal, health, environmental developments and related policies for crisis prevention and management in ReFace project partners’ countries.

D-Learning – Design Thinking workshop guide

This guide aims to enable adult education centres to follow the Design Thinking process, enabling them to implement the method in their own organisation or networks.

D-Learning – Design Thinking Handbook for adult education centers

This handbook describes the whole Design Thinking process, suggests practical methods to complete the different steps of the process and concludes with 6 case studies on the work of the project partner organisations.

Active Businesses – Research on the state of HEPA promotion in enterprises

Lo scopo principale di questa ricerca era identificare la situazione attuale, i principali bisogni nel campo dell’attività psichica sul posto di lavoro e identificare quali tipi di interventi di attività fisica sul posto di lavoro sono efficaci per diversi settori della forza lavoro e tipi di posto di lavoro.

Community development