HEAL: Fanzines Book

This Fanzines Book is a collection of 43 fanzines created by women survivors of trafficking, from across 4 EU countries (Italy, Greece, Spain and Romania).

BASE: Cultural Advisor curriculum

The Curriculum aims at enhancing the cultural advisors’ capacity to provide guidance to professionals working in support services handling sexual violence and GBV against migrant women/girls.

BASE: Capacity building programme on communication with migrant/refugee girls victims of GBV

The Capacity Building Programme has the aim to increase professionals’ awareness of the ways in which cultural background influences GBV, as well as different aspects of procedures such as disclosure/reporting of abuse/violence.

YU WOK 2 END HT – Research Report: youth worker identification of victims of human trafficking

The objective of this transnational Research Report is to provide knowledge about human trafficking among youth in partner countries of the project, its methods of advancing, its exploitation and the different practices for emergence, identification and support for young victims.

IN2STE(A)M: Report on the Value of STE(A)M in Girls’ Education

This document serves as a State-of-the-Art report based upon both primary and secondary research led by the partners of IN2STEAM.

Children and Women