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HEAL: Fanzines Book

This Fanzines Book is a collection of 43 fanzines created by women survivors of trafficking, from across 4 EU countries (Italy, Greece, Spain and Romania).

ACTIVE: Educational platform

The educational platform is a useful tool to enhance the knowledge and skills of sports professionals in identifying and preventing violence against children, as well as in promoting a safe and child-friendly environment in sports and leisure activities.

ACTIVE: Guidelines for the creation of multi-agency networks for child safeguarding

The aim of the present Guidelines is to enable readers to create multi-agency networks with key stakeholders to foster cooperation in the field on child safeguarding.

BASE: Cultural Advisor curriculum

The Curriculum aims at enhancing the cultural advisors’ capacity to provide guidance to professionals working in support services handling sexual violence and GBV against migrant women/girls.

Children and Women

HEAL – European Anthology of best practices and future recommendations

HEAL – European Anthology of best practices and future recommendations

The European Anthology of good practices and future recommendations summarises the good practices and challenges as emerged from the needs assessment with third-country-national women victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation and the results of local and transnational networking with support service providers and employers