HEAL – Toolkit for the psychological support sessions “Fanzines and coping with trauma”

The present Toolkit is designed to guide experts and stakeholders, namely support service providers, in their support to women during the healing process after traumatic experiences related to trafficking.

REC Methodological Guide – Visual & Fine Arts for Experimental Video Creation

This methodological guide has been developed by the REC project. It establishes a program for youth workers who are interested in learning and applying an innovative methodology, with the aims to prevent violence and/or to deal with many other topics relevant for youth.

ARTCOM: Open Educational Resource on Art Therapy

The Open Educational Resource on Art Therapy was realised as a result of the journey and the experience collected throughout ARTCOM project which involved six countries from Africa and Europe.

MedLit: The Alchemy of Good Eating – The Multicultural Table of International Tastes

The Alchemy of Good Eating, is a journey for the senses, a proposal that crosses borders and continents to immerse the reader in a world of flavors, fragrances, colors and experiences of a group of women have chosen Palermo as a city of stay.

In&Out: RMA Workshop. Handbook for educators

The Reciprocal Maieutic Approach (RMA) is a dialectic method of inquiry and “popular self-analysis” for the empowerment of communities and individuals.

Art and Culture

Booklet Journeys

Booklet Journeys

This booklet provides information about the Look-up exhibition created by Wish- Luca Delfino for the Journeys Festival organised in Palermo from 16 to 25 June 2017.