UNI-ECO: Summary Report on Sustainable Development in Higher Education Institutions

This European report aims at establishing the state of the art of sustainability measures in each of the 5 universities of the consortium.

COTW – State of the Art Report

The COTW State of the Art report gathers and discusses the results from the initial field research on migrants’ needs conducted in Sweden, Italy, Iceland and the Czech Republic.

CEAR: Toolkit for Organisations Composed by Families of Radicalised People

This CVE & Campaigning Toolkit is dedicated to improving the understanding of front-line practitioners, activists and professionals working in the field of youth-facing counter-violent extremism (CVE) efforts.

CEAR: Toolkit for Muslim communities

This toolkit is aimed at practitioners designing or preparing for interventions to counter Islamist extremism involving Muslims, with a special focus on Muslim youth.

CEAR: Youth CVE and Campaigning toolkit

This toolkit represents a useful resource for those who want to improve their competences on P/CVE and engage young individuals in the fight against extremism by promoting awareness raising initiatives and successful as well as targeted campaigns.

Active citizenship and Volunteering

PLACE – OER – How to use urban garden as a tool for youth work

PLACE – OER – How to use urban garden as a tool for youth work

The Open Educational Resource (OER) How to use urban garden as a tool for youth work is the main result of the European project “Planting Cities” (Erasmus +, KA2).
This OER is the practical result of the project activities carried out by all the target groups involved in the project in 2015-2016: organizations working in the field of youth, youth workers, youngsters, local communities from Italy, Slovenia, Nepal and India.
It‘s targeted at any young worker and organization dealing with youth and eager to use urban gardening as an educational tool. Moreover it motivates to develop mobility activities, such as training courses and EVS in the non-formal education field.