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  • To adapt, develop and blend a play training course for volunteers which aims to support learners in gaining skills to improve their chances of employment through the acquisition of social and civic competences.
  • To support training providers and organisations with the resources and training to deliver ‘Volunteers in Play – a route to employment’ (level 2) course. This will be an EU-wide course which includes training materials for trainers and learners and is available for download. The materials will be available in all partner languages and countries.
  • To support learners to access volunteering opportunities within the childcare and out of school childcare sector, further to undertaking the ‘Volunteer in Play’ course.


  • Mapping of countries’ volunteer training needs.
  • Piloting of the training course amongst trainers in the 7 participating countries and follow-up.
  • Creating an online space for the electronic training material on the project’s website in all participating countries’ languages.
  • Valorisation of the project’s results (also through Advisory groups in each participating country) and seeking accreditation for the EU-wide course in each partner country.


  • Field research: Needs analysis for volunteers in the playwork sector in Italy.
  • Desk research on volunteers’ training needs in Italy in the field of playwork.
  • Trainer Notebook: introduction into the theory of children’s free play, detailed session plans and recommendations on how to conduct the training course, as well as additional resource materials (e.g. evaluation questionnaire, literature recommendations).
  • Learner Notebook: information/exercises for the seven training sessions, as well as additional resource materials (e.g. literature recommendations and information on safety measures for the play with children).
  • Electronic course materials for trainers and learners.
  • Product modification report


  • Coordinator: University of Gloucestershire (United Kingdom)
  • Dumplupinar University (Turkey)
  • Hafelekar (Austria)
  • Tokium (Portugal)
  • Univerzita Palackeho v Olomouci (Czech Republic)
  • Rogers Foundation for person Centred learning (Hungary)

The project

Project Number

Date of the project

01/10/2013 – 30/09/2015

DG of reference

DG EAC, Education and Training, Lifelong Learning Programme – Leonardo da Vinci, Transfer of Innovation (TOI)




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