STIRE – Supporting The Integration of the Resettled


  • To foster the integration of resettled TCNs into their respective host communities

  • To contribute to their support pre-departure and post-arrival

  • To enhance capacity building in the receiving community

  • To promote cooperation and partnership between resettled TCNs and host communities


  • Web-blog platform with basic information for TCNs on social cultural, job services

  • Curriculum, workshops for supporting TCNs and their orientation

  • Seminars, community talks with decision makers, teachers, volunteers for working with resettled people

  • Community guides for volunteering

  • Online partnership database linking resettled TCNs with volunteering opportunities in Community and NGOs


  • Developing content and structure of web blog for supporting TCNs

  • Researching of specific needs of resettled TCNs through interviews and focus groups

  • Implementing workshop curriculum after a needs assessment involving TCNs

  • Researching of needs and requirements of professionals that work with TCNs

  • Implementation of tailored seminars and community talks

  • Organising panel discussions and partnership fair on volunteering and creating opportunities to TCNs

  • Empowering and giving a voice to TCNs through photography workshops, exhibitions and cultural markets

Info & contatti

Date of the project

01/01/2019 – 31/12/2020

DG of reference

Department & Unit

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