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  • To develop a quality framework, for use by providers of second chance education that will address the gaps identified by DG EAC
  • To enable providers to evidence their success factors, enhancing the quality and relevance of learning offers in education, training and youth work
  • To raise the visibility and profile of compensatory education with policy and decision makers
  • To encourage the adoption of compensatory measures within prevention and intervention measures through greater transparency and accountability
  • To improve teaching and learning, impacting on methods used by professionals and ultimately benefiting disadvantaged young people at risk of early school drop-out


  • Literature review
  • Training needs analysis
  • Guidelines for the policy makers
  • Development of the Systematic Measurement System (SMS) for second chance education and its monitoring and evaluation tools
  • Development of Training module for teachers
  • Delivery of 5 Multiplier public events
  • Delivery of 3 Short-term joint staff training events


  • Literature Review Report
  • Needs Analysis report
  • Handbook for Policy Makers
  • Systematic Measurement System E-platform
  • Handbook for the teachers
  • Guidelines for Organisations: Implementing SMS in Second Chance Education


  • Coordinator: Copenhagen Youth School (Denmark)
  • EURICON (Netherlands)
  • Art 27 (Belgium)
  • Bräckegymnasiet Lindholmen (Sweden)
  • Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board (Ireland)
  • Aalborg University (Denmark)

The project

Date of the project

01/09/2014 – 01/07/2016

DG of reference

DG EAC, National Agency (Denmark), Erasmus+ Key Activity 2, Strategic Partnership for adult education




Info & contacts

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